Harlem Colors is an exclusively artist-focused community website and art network with a mission to best connect the average art viewer to a diversity of creative artisans in Harlem, New York City.  As such, we view fine art as a highly valuable cultural asset that should be more accessible, appreciated and affordable to everyday people. Deeply rooted in our diverse artistic legacies, histories, genres and prolific artworks, we endeavor to present the full range, essence, edge, shapes, textures and colors of the fine arts and crafts throughout Harlem possibly the catalyst to a new Harlem Renaissance — beyond the predictable, commercial and commonplace arts culture of New York City.

We will also promote, sustain, experiment, merge and motivate a variety of fine arts — connecting music, literature, spoken word, dance, performance art, and diverse artistic expression via other media tools — as a cultural descendant and continuum of a global African arts culture developed thousands of years before and since the early 20th century Harlem Renaissance. Harlem Colors sees a clear connection between ancient and contemporary.

If you are an experienced or developing artist, crafts artisan or a student artist, contact us for a totally free no obligation website listing, an individual artist web page, your own online video art gallery, artist-to-buyer referral services (no commission to us), and a free Harlem Colors website e-mail box. Write us at  hookup@HarlemColors.com or call 646.399.9732 for networking and a consultation to arrange your free listing, webpage, video and e-mail box with Harlem Colors — all with absolutely no obligation, no contract, or any of the usual hassles and dubious dealings that diminish art culture, creating art, and being an artisan. Our only benefit comes from freely and widely promoting artists.

Simply, all of what Harlem Colors represents is empowering diverse Harlem artists with the freedom, strategies and technologies to promote their art locally-to-globally. As such, we intend to harness the full capabilities of our diverse internet, new media, and other online/offline assets for the greater benefit of new and established artists.

Your only qualification is being a full time, part time or leisure fine artist (or crafts artisan) that lives or regularly functions as an artist anywhere in Harlem. Full membership by art students is especially welcomed. With membership, plus the above offerings, come the benefits of art supply, publication, educational, and event discounts.

At Harlem Colors, we endeavor to present and promote fine art for all — beyond the commercial gallery or museum experience — bringing fine art back to the cultural conscious of everyday average people.  -  Dennis Moore, Founder
A New Renaissance of Art Beyond the Commercial and Commonplace

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